Thursday, December 31, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Vienna Virginia had a huge snow a few weeks ago. The timing was providential as I was invited to paint an image for the cover of Viva Tyson Magazine. The owner asked me to do the caboose in the snow. Apparently he loved my other caboose painting. When I was a child I would paint a snow scene every year at Christmas, so this is in alignment with my true spirit.

This has been an amazing year in so many ways for this artist. I opened a gallery and studio and school all in the same venue/space. I have had the opportunity to work with so many people. I really feel blessed to have the opportunity to do this. I also established the Arts Alliance of Vienna. We are working together in a symbiotic relationship to bring a greater awareness of art to the greater Vienna area.

My personal life took many turns this year as well. I separated from my husband after eleven years and wish him well. My daughter Giovanna is getting ready to graduate from College. She has taken after her mom in that she is a computer graphic artist. She will be residing in Venice, Italy full time next year. I will miss her as she is my heart. My son, Jeremy, the football player for Madison Highschool will graduate this year. He is off to school in the fall as an accounting major. He will, of course, do well. My younger boys, Aubrey and John Nicholas are doing well in their new school, Vienna Elementary. We moved this summer back into town. I am a true townie. I also went to Vienna Elementary school, so it is a natural fit for them.

I am preparing to finish my coursework in the doctorate program at George Mason this spring. After four long and hard years, I will finally advance to candidacy and prepare the ground for my dissertation. Hopefully by spring of next year I will be finished and everyone in the hotel industry can address me as Dr. Giampa. My greatest wish is to land a full time teaching position so I can finally begin to relax a little and enjoy my life without all the extra work involved in a doctorate program.

My wish is that all the children in the world have warm beds to sleep in and a full belly. God bless you and happy new year.