Thursday, June 25, 2015


Time is evolving...

Pine Cross cont...

Pine Cross continues to evolve but is still not finished.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Pine Cross in process

I am continuing my work on Pine Cross this week.  I started this painting 18 months ago before my move to Missouri to accept a full time teaching position.  I had a long interlude without studio time and posting because of this move and subsequent return to my home area.  Without a lot of did not work out.  What is important is to continue the work.  Here we are again.  You can see before and after in this post.  I will continue to post the progress of this work as this blog has always been about painting and the painting process thus a "painter who blogs".  I am moving into a new realm of work.  I will continue my image archaeological works and am beginning to work on words that go with the process.  I plan to publish the works (words) as cards and prints.  More to come on these happenings...for now I hope you "dig" the new work and Namaste.


"Thoughts to Think About".  A new series.  Inspired by a song by Hendrix with the lyric repeated over and over again.