Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dubai, 60" x 54", acrylic, 2009

Some paintings seem to flow off the brush naturally as if the image was waiting to be discovered within the canvas ground.  Dubai is one of these paintings where each stroke felt complete.  The painting is inspired by a photographer friend of mine who shoots images all over the world.  His photo, Dubai is of similar palette--a warm purple red with layers of pink overlaying.  Pink is the color of unconditional love and its a color I am embracing in my own life this summer. 
I bought a huge pink purse and some pink shoes along with pink shirts and underwear.  I can't seem to fill my life up with enough pink and it reflects the new inspiration I have found in my life and my work.
I am opening a gallery/studio in my hometown of Vienna where I will teach students and workshops on painting.  More to come on the studio and its location.  Hope you are having a wonderful summer as I am having the greatest summer and adventure of my life.  I just sold my house and am moving back into town.  Yes I am a townie--a vienna townie and proud of it.

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