Monday, March 9, 2009

Studio Session, March 9 2009

Today I began the journey of building up the surface of this large painting. I used a lot of gel medium along with the scraper to build out the image. I applied a coat of burnt sienna and then scraped it away only to realize I needed a darker earth tone. I rubbed burnt umber into the acorn image and spread out the darker tone throughout the ground. Next I scraped away and revealed a darker imprint. The final stretch was spent taking the canvas off the wall and balling it up to make it look older and worn. I then threw clear water and watched it etch into the surface lines that drip revealing areas of light from beneath. I battled with this canvas and walked away pleased with the wining results. When the surface has enough areas built up I can then begin the long and tedious process of brushing over light layers of pigment to conceal and reveal the image. I find myself concealing and then revealing with each layer of paint. Each brushstroke adds or subtracts from the surface ground and builds on top of one another.

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