Friday, May 22, 2009

Sweet Gum, 54" x 56", acrylic

I had a conversation with a toad  yesterday. He appeared under the big tree called Robins Roost--my favorite spot in the world.  It was truly a moment of being present--spending some time with this tiny little creature.  He climbed onto my hand and sat with me for a while.  I talked and he listened and the conversation was purely one sided. It is so nice to be able to talk and have someone listen to you. The toad had a quiet gentle personality. He was unimposing and exuded virtues I most admire in others. He was beautiful, and the colors on his skin were made of beautiful stripes of black, yellow and brown--the artist pallette of raw sienna mixed with some greenish hue.  These are colors I would like spend some time working with on my next painting.

I do hope he returns the next time I am sitting under my favorite tree. It simply was a joy just to sit and do nothing but enjoy nature and its bounty and be present with a friendly toad. 

The sweet gum painting was finished today. It  is a quiet painting as well, and  am happy with the final results.

The next several weeks will be busy with teaching a summer painting class at NVCC Loudoun campus.  In the meantime, enjoy this nice weather and if you run into a toad , you may be surprised at what good company they can be.  The best things in life are free and sometimes come unexpectedly.

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