Friday, May 15, 2009

Yellow Flow, 54" x 80", acrylic

Yellow Flow let me finish him today. This painting is huge and a feat to try and photograph. I spent the day trying to shoot when the right light was present. I shoot my work outside. I usually have to wait for a window of opportunity to photograph without sun spots getting in the way. My neighbors must get a kick out of seeing me trip over chairs at the right moment to get the shot.

Yellow Flow is a vortex of energy that swims in a spiraling motion out from the walnut object in the middle of the painting. The walnut appealed to me because of the heart shape in the middle. My palette is strangely unfamiliar to me in this work of deep reds and yellows. . This is another one of those paintings that feels incomplete and yet I had to stop myself from over painting it. It has been through many iterations over the past several weeks. There was a point today during my painting session where I heard a loud voice say "stop" and I knew I had to surrender another work. Surrender is a good word to end a painting with. Sometimes the battle with the canvas is not won, but "surrendered". Conflict with the canvas, as with life, is avoided by complete surrennder.


  1. This is absolutely beautiful, Joan! I love the different colors from the layers!

  2. AJ: Thanks for your support. And thank you for keeping me on