Friday, January 25, 2013

TWIN, The final Painting, is complete

Twin is finally complete.  I spent the better part of the fall working on this painting which was interrupted by a dissertation in September, 2010.  My studio work was largely on hold from September, 2010 until recently.  I am happy to say that I am beginning to work again in a routine similar to the one I experienced before the dissertation project.  It took a while to wander out of the research and writing habit and into the research and painting habit.  I actually caught myself one day at the computer in my habit and realized that I should be in the studio.

Twin is a long process.  Part of the reason it took so long is the actual idea behind the painting.  What is a twin soul and do they really exist?  My conclusion after taking this journey is that I realize we have many souls in our life that come into our life when we are learning a certain lesson.  And I am speaking mainly about souls that we encounter in romantic relationships.  The souls that I have encountered romantically have all taught me a great deal about life, love and the pursuit of happiness.  I would not change one encounter nor one lesson.  Some were extremely painful and some were exuberant.  But none were what is described as being a "twin soul" according to my earlier definition.  Perhaps I have not yet met this person or perhaps this idea does not exist.  All I know is that life is a journey.  It can be wonderful, daunting, painful, and incredulous.  As long as I continue to trust in the process of life, then putting one foot in front of the other makes perfect sense.  I have learned that when I observe the process then I am not living life to the fullest, but when I am experiencing life it all happens all at once and I am energized and positive and I seem to attract like minded people.

The "Twin" video will come out later this year.  I am producing the video from over a hundred video clips and photographs taken while on this incredulous journey.  I am using photoshop CS6 to enhance the video and make it more artistic. 

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