Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cone Storm, 12 x 8

Todays image came from complete and total struggle.  This image was painted and wiped away 3 times before I could get to what I was trying to invoke.  And now that I look at it I find myself thinking it is two cones in a snow storm.   I love the way this looks now that I have some time away from it.  But I was genuinely frustrated this afternoon after it was over.  I had a few problems with the paint.  I definitlely am not feeling well after breathing in the turpentine.  I need to get more ventilation in my studio. 
Images before I landed on this one...

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  1. I love the immagination in your paintings, I am a commercial / residential painter and though I love it sometimes wish I had teh immagination to do what you do.