Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Up Close and Personal, Core Series 3, 15 x 45"

Today I finished the second painting started on Monday. I am calling it up close and personal because I feel like I have an intimate relationship with this object now. I have explored it through directly painting it and then seeking out its underlying structure in today's session seemed so natural a process. What does this mean to seek out the underlying structure and become intimately related to this object? Its in the process of painting itself. When you become one with the paint and the object you are painting. Some people call this being in the zone, I call this a connection that is unlike any other. Some call this a spiritual connection. Perhaps it is. It feels like it when I am doing this. And this goes back to my post on Monday when I hung up my halo. No I don't feel like Gandhi, but I do feel connected to this object I am painting and its unlike any other connection when the paint is flowing and I can intuitively chose color and brushstroke and the in and out of transitions between brushstrokes of color and stroke and feeling and color and stroke and feeling and then I am transported to a place of ecstasy when it all comes together.

Best friend and studio girl... Vera

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